Alexandra Damasoliotis

Property Manager | Licensed Estate Agent

About Alexandra

You know how sometimes you meet someone new and feel instantly at ease with them? Alexandra is one of those people! Her sense of humour and calm approach make her a fan-favourite amongst her clients - and her ability to keep cool under pressure ensures she's always on top of her game.

Years ago, she defected from the South Eastern suburbs to live right here in the Inner West, where she's fallen in love with its diversity, community, and convenience. Since then she's had four kids (FOUR!) and has become a fully licensed real estate agent.

Alexandra loves a friendly game of tennis and can be found courtside every year at the Australian Open watching the greats hit it out. In her rare, quiet moments, Nordic Noir novels are Alexandra's favourite escape hatch, and her motto in life is 'appreciate the little things - life's fast!'

'Property management is the perfect job for me - I get to help people every day, and that's something I really treasure.'