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Our Story

From our founding date in 1923 to the current day, Jas Stephens has stood for market leading, award winning property professionalism. The vision and traditions created by founder James Henry Stephens have been adopted and adapted by four successive generations of the Stephens family to ensure our firm stays at the top of its game and ahead of the curve.

The Stephens name, so synonymous with inner west property, has like any enduring brand, benefitted significantly from the introduction of new views and fresh ideas. In 2014, executive chairman Craig Stephens welcomed Tate Moore as the first non-family member to be appointed as a director of the firm and we have subsequently welcomed Daria Beck and Branko Lemaic as partners and hugely valued contributors to our executive team. The additions have added a mix of maturity and experience that’s matched by a contemporary outlook and a constant focus on getting better.

Our Feed

Believe it or not, it’s not all about real estate at Jas Stephens.
A core part of our business involves having dynamic conversations with interesting figures, having sophisticated discussions with our staff, and hosting events that involve our community. It’s through these interactions that we believe we can best show who Jas Stephens really is.


Want to be part of a growing dynamic company that is totally invested in your career and professional life? Jas Stephens has built a working environment that embraces flexibility and diversity, one that empowers you to do your best. Everyone at Jas Stephens, no matter their role, is given the opportunity to stretch themselves to expand their career. Surround yourself with experienced leaders that mentor, respect, support and listen to your ideas. If you’re ready to succeed with a well-established and recognised real estate brand, contact us – we’d love to show you how.