Tate Moore

Director | Auctioneer

About Tate

Tate has been with Jas for over 15 Years. Prior to this he held a career in carpentry.

Naturally motivated to succeed, Tate has become the director of Jas Stephens Real Estate. His enthusiasm and enjoyment of his leadership role has assisted and grown Jas to one of the biggest and most successful teams it's seen, in its 100 year history.

Growing up in Essendon, Tate has a love for the diversity and community of the Inner West and all that it has to offer. This comes through in his caring approach and ability to make time for clients. Tate not only has outstanding market knowledge, he has an instinctive approach to real estate and in developing long lasting relationships with all of his clients.

Tate's natural friendliness, great communication skill and approachability are the personal attributes that have helped him, his clients and the team at Jas achieve ambitious objectives on a regular basis.