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To represent your country in a sport is a huge achievement and the parallels drawn between success in sporting pursuits and in the professional working sphere have been well established.

With this in mind, it would be expected that Daria, who has played volleyball for her native New Zealand, would also be an elite level performer in property management – and she is!

Naturally motivated to succeed, and possessed with an accurate understanding of exactly what it takes to reach the top in a chosen field, Daria’s background on the volleyball court plays an important role in the success she enjoys at work.

Daria’s enjoyment of her role, in particular her enthusiasm for assisting people, is apparent as soon as you meet her. She maintains an up to date understanding of the rental market and her advice to property owners and to prospective tenants alike helps everyone move towards a rewarding and successful outcome.

Previous career success in real estate sales reflects Daria’s broad ranging record of achievement. Her natural friendliness, great communication skills and approachability are the personal attributes that have helped her, and her clients, attain ambitious objectives on a regular basis.

As a national sporting representative, Daria without doubt earns the tag, ‘team player’ more than most people. Except perhaps, from a local point of view, when it comes to rugby, although we shouldn’t be surprised that Daria’s loyalties lie with other national sporting representatives from her home – the All Blacks!
At Jas we are one team, working together to achieve the very best outcome for our clients. You can trust that our team will be with you every step of the way.