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Alex Boyce

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Senior Property Manager

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Alexandria is an award winning property manager with a background that’s defined and distinguished by her commitment to exceptional client service. Previously the Property Manager for VIC/TAS when with Elders Real Estate, more recently a star performer in the Point Cook area, Alexandria brings a wealth and a breadth of experience to the Jas Stephens team.

The fact that no two days are same and that there are always opportunities to learn are amongst the elements of her work that appeal most to Alexandria. She appreciates a role that keeps her on her toes and her naturally approachable nature immediately strikes a positive chord with people.

One of the foundations of her success is an optimistic attitude that has its origins in a ski season Alexandria spent in Queenstown New Zealand where, with little money and no family around, she had a ball and made life long friends from around the world. From that time on, Alexandria has put experience and friendship firmly above the pursuit of possessions. It’s a way of life that serves her well in both personal and professional spheres.

A lover of travel, Alexandria also has a passion for make-up and loves the chance to provide make-up services to family and friends, particularly following the completion of her course in 2017. Following Collingwood in the AFL is another passion of Alexandria’s (and, just in case anyone wonders, yes, she assures them she has all her teeth!)

80 Vernon Street

South Kingsville

$435 per week

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