Ann Borg Senior Property Manager

Direct9316 9016

Each time you meet Ann, cast a glance at her shoes! Invariably you will see that they are stylish, fashionable and reflective of their owner's excellent taste. It's also almost certain that they will be different each time you meet her, because Ann, a serious shop-aholic with a shoe addiction, owns over 120 pairs!

All that shopping however fits neatly into one element of Ann's busy life, a life in which her primary focus is on the expert administration of the properties in her care as a career property manager with impeccable standards of professionalism.

Accustomed to meeting, then exceeding, the expectations of the most demanding of property owners, Ann also pays particular attention to tenants' needs for she realizes that a consistently let property is the most important element in achieving real estate investment success.

Seriously well organized at work, Ann is naturally efficient by instinct - she once arranged her sister's entire wedding while the bride and groom resided overseas and saw it through to a successful conclusion, held two days after Christmas!

Ann thrives on the daily challenges that property management throws up. She takes pride in overseeing an extensive portfolio of properties and enjoys the fact that so few of her property owners ever transfer their business.

Her footwear is also, equally understandably, a matter of pride!