Rosa Chetcuti Company Accountant

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Teamwork comes naturally to Rosa. In fact you could say it's one her key guiding principles in both the personal and professional spheres of her life.

As head coach of 'team Chetcuti', the family she shares with husband Walter and their two children, Rosa is accustomed to assisting people close to her achieve their ambitions - across a range of fields!

This ability has also been consistently expressed throughout Rosa's career, previously with AMP, now with Jas Stephens own dynamic team.

The key to Rosa's success lies perhaps most significantly in her refusal to leave any issue unresolved or a task uncompleted. Her enormous capacity for work, again a productive of a non-stop family life, is a huge asset when so consistently applied as it is by Rosa.

Tertiary qualified in Business (Accounting), and extensively experienced in the corporate financial sector, Rosa loves the challenges and objectives that the real estate market environment throws at her each and every day.

Her response? Teamwork. Naturally.