Sharie Rose Receptionist

As a mum with three young, sporty boys Sharie knows all about being busy. The energy levels she brings to her role as our receptionist are therefore as much personal as they are professional.

Her skill at providing a positive first point of contact between our company and our clients is exceptional and makes a major contribution to the success with which a rapport is established whenever people have enquiries they wish to make.

Sharie's business orientated focus has its basis in her own outstanding commercial career, where she excelled in the highly competitive world of retail travel sales. Her ability in such dynamic, commission based sales market was recognized by, among other things, an award for achieving leading sales figures and a trip to Malaysia for a global gathering of her industry peers.

Naturally organized and active, (occasionally fuelled by her love of chocolate when a touch of extra energy is required!) Sharie's broad knowledge base fits perfectly with a role that places such an emphasis on communicating and relating effectively with the customer base and with colleagues.

She maintains a calm, efficient demeanour no matter how demanding the workload may be - another attribute that raising energetic boys requires!