Marina Condic Senior Sales Consultant

Mobile0438 484 696
Direct9316 9028

Marina's lifetime journey began in Germany, included a stopover in Sydney and has, happily, brought her to Melbourne, more specifically to Jas Stephens and our special part of a city that she recognizes as one of the most easy and enjoyable places in the world to live.

Along the way, Marina has experienced the rewards of meeting and working with people from many countries, particularly during her previous career in the international freight forwarding business, a field in which she excelled for 23 years.

Having travelled extensively and seen many different countries and cultures, Marina gained a great ability to relate to clients and her enjoyment of being able to help facilitate their property goals gives her huge satisfaction. Marina's personal, extensive experience of owning and investing in property adds to her empathetic way of working with people.

With her partner Goran, whom she met in Sydney, Marina enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, enjoying different cuisines, reading, music, a little fitness and playing with her cat. As AFL has not played a big part in her life - not yet anyway - Marina prefers watching soccer, particularly during the World Cup when she has a personal connection to supporting three teams - Australia, Germany and Croatia!