Taylor Romao Senior Sales Consultant & Auctioneer

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Hard working, with an attitude that's always positive, Taylor's combination of professional abilities and personal attributes are perfectly suited to meeting the challenges presented in successfully selling residential property.

Previous sales experience and training in the equally demanding field of event management have honed Taylor's skills so that his responsiveness to clients needs and questions is characterized by an efficiency that wins people's confidence and puts their mind at ease. Constantly conscious that an exceptional price is the ultimate objective, Taylor works towards this goal with an energy and optimism that is infectious.

As a father of twin girls, Taylor is accustomed to life being busy both at work and at home and his ability to prioritize and see tasks through is a reflection of this. His vendors are the beneficiaries of an approach that ensures all the steps of the sales process are completed with an attention to detail that maximizes the opportunity to secure an outstanding result.

Appreciating music and supporting Collingwood are amongst the other activities that give Taylor an outlet from work - although the former tends to be more relaxing than the latter!