Jackie Mackney Property Manager

Direct9316 9044

Jackie possesses an understanding and an appreciation of our property owners' desire for a rewarding investment experience that's high on success, low on stress.

This ability to put herself in her clients' position is matched by her skill at seeing things from a tenant's perspective. The result? A property manager who can create circumstances that keep all parties to a lease in the loop, up to date and completely clear as to where things stand. It's a formula her owners recognize and her tenants respect.

Jackie's positive manner and total professionalism define the style and the efficiency she brings to her role. She is dedicated to her craft in a way that makes her a role model in our office and her approach ensures the working relationships she establishes are evenly balanced and mutually rewarding.

Naturally friendly, outgoing and confident, Jackie has enjoyed significant career success in sales environments where the necessity to create rapport and relate to people was crucial. These personal attributes and professional capabilities are obviously also perfectly suited to the daily demands of property management - where character and competence make equal contributions to performance.