Rebecca Avallone Personal Assistant to George Alexander

Mobile0409 536 628
Direct9316 9022

Rebecca's brilliant previous achievements during a career in team leadership with Baker's Delight have honed her skills in training, motivation, customer service and relationship building - all attributes that play a part in the professionalism she so clearly applies in the residential real estate sector.

Her enthusiasm for helping people find a home rather than simply a house has its basis in her strong sense of family and the values imparted to her as she grew up. A trip to Italy with her parents to see first hand where they grew up had a major role in reinforcing the importance Rebecca places on family and the prospect of re-visiting Europe with her husband is a trip to be anticipated.

The relaxing impact of baking - personally rather than professionally - is one of the activities Rebecca appreciates in her own time and of course there are always regular catch ups with relatives to be enjoyed!