Kate Fox Property Manager

Direct9393 1669

Kate's personality, skill set and approach make her the perfect fit for her role as our full time receptionist, the person whom most people will have initial contact with when they interact with our office. Such a position demands an exceptional ability to establish immediate rapport, to respond efficiently and to communicate clearly - all attributes that Kate so clearly possesses.

Her commitment to delivering first class service to both clients and colleagues is matched by her enthusiasm and motivation to function effectively in a team environment.

Her genuine enjoyment of being able to assist others, personally as well as professionally, has previously led her to participate in a volunteer program in the Costa Rican jungle, helping with conservation of the native Carey Tree.

Being with her partner and watching sports, catching up with friends, knitting, crochet, cross stitching, yoga, netball, travelling and going back to Wagga Wagga to visit family and friends capture Kate's attention and energy away from work.