Sophie van den Berg Sales Administration

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Sophie's commitment to family and a focus on creating quality time with friends is a reflection of a balanced approach to life - and to work - based on a wise determination that there is always a positive outcome to be found in any situation and that there's little point in choosing to sweat the small stuff.

Such a balanced view has proved invaluable to Sophie during an extensive career as a senior legal personal assistant to the principal of a family law firm, a role that placed her in countless situations requiring tact, decisiveness and sensitivity. In addition, Sophie spent 8 years working in the demanding domains of criminal and civil law. These values, as well as her unfailingly positive outlook, complement Sophie's considerate, conscientious attitude - all traits that translate ideally to the property profession.

A designer of tee shirts in her spare time, Sophie pursues everything she does with passion - it has always been her way - and it manifests itself in all aspects of her professional and her personal life. Her energy, supported by her exceptional skill set, makes a major contribution to our firm's and our clients' success.