Jodie Petrusov Investment Consultant

Direct9393 1673

Jodie knows the personal satisfaction that accompanies the completion of renovating your home, especially when the renovation has been undertaken with your own two hands! Equally, Jodie appreciates the professional pleasure associated with success of selling a property for a vendor when the final price exceeds their most optimistic expectations.

From work and personal perspectives therefore, Jodie knows and understands how much property means to people. In her work, she strives every day to ensure her clients enjoy rewarding real estate experiences. Her work ethic and commitment to service complement the thorough market knowledge she has gained in both the sales and the property management spheres.

Beyond the realm of work, Jodie's horizons stretch across Australia, to Thailand and beyond. Her travels and camping adventures, the amazing places she has seen and the fishing she has done have provided a wealth of memories and stories.

The variety of people she meets and the situations she faces in the course of meeting the daily demands of her role similarly give Jodie a bank of experience that benefits her clients as the future unfolds.