Ngaio Watson Property Manager

Direct9316 9068

From New Zealand origins to travelling through Europe and living and working in North Yorkshire for two years while her partner played rugby, Ngaio's experiences stretch far and wide. Such a broad background plays a key role on adopting a successful approach to the daily demands of property management.

Ngaio's perspective, as well as her consistently positive attitude, enables her to provide property owners and tenants with relevant advice and reliable assistance.

An accomplished gymnast who represented her province in New Zealand for three consecutive years, Ngaio also has a love for singing and music. Naturally positive and energetic, her personal values play an important role in the success she enjoys professionally.

Ngaio thrives on the diversity and challenge that each day presents and the fact that she faces each situation not only with knowledge, understanding and confidence, but also with a smile, enables her to find a positive outcome to all the issues that can arise during the course of a lease. Clients and tenants alike appreciate the support that Ngaio provides.